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A game is only abandonware if it was free to start with, or became freeware, or a homebrew game where the author declares it freeware, or the company stopped selling it.
-Dos Museum
-Home of The Underdogs
      I understand that s/he allows only one file download per day because of bandwidth. Some of these games are hard to find or real gems.
-More links coming soon.

Archived Pages

      -Grandma Lakota Bucksnort's pages, and these pages of Grandson Bobby Bucksnort, Uncle Harry Mass Sr., and the departed Grandpa John Bucksnort. Harry Sr., Lakota, and Bobby are happy I'm archiving the pages. I think it reflects well on Wolfenstein 3D when 4 people who are family play it and program mods. I think it's appropriate for the memory of John Bucksnort, who was also a WWII Veteran. ...and thank you for fighting in Iraq, Bobby!
      -I have Unreal Anthology and I've archived The Unreal 4Ever pages for the page about "Wolfenstein in Other Computer Game Engines." That's because it has a drunken missle like from Rise of The Triad and The BFG 2000 almost like The BFG 3000 from Doom.
      -I had a request to start archiving The Game File Explorer pages which deal with games including Wolfenstein 3D.
      -Jake Gilbert's Olddoom.com.
      -Jpb6891 has archived files relating to Wolfenstein 3D, his university, and Christianity at jpb1991.co.cc.


-Coming Soon

Computer Game Companies

-3D Realms
-iD Software
-Pi Studios
-Raven Software

Dead Links

-The Not Abandoned Abandonware Forums
      379 members, 11,103 posts


-3D Realms
-Acord Games
-ID Software Page 1, and Page 2
-WolfenDoom for Mac
-WolfenDoom for PC

Forums For Computer Graphics and Computer Help

-ACM SIGGRAPH (Computer Graphics Club)
-AIGA (Computer Graphics Club)
      They've answered a lot of computer problems really, really, well. Just a reminder, read the stickies at the top of the forum that you post your thread in about the format of your question. They're really picky about that.

Forums For C++

-Coming Soon

Forums For Doom

-forums newdoom .com

Forums For Wolfenstein and Rise of The Triad

-3D Realms
      9,877 members and 721,169 posts
-Diehard Wolfers on Areyep.com
      189 members and 50,477 posts
      They unfortunately block you from becoming a member if your email is from Gmail, Hotmail, Netscape, or Yahoo.
-Diehard Wolfers Archives on Yahoo Groups
      117 members
      64 members and 2,754 articles
-Return To Castle Wolfenstein and Wolfenstein
      8 members and 41 posts
-ROTT Editing and Modding
      1,402 members and 520 articles
-Sh*tstorm's Forum for RTCW
      2,241 members and 60,824 posts
-Wolf 3D Haven
      124 members and 10,440 posts

Groups On Facebook

-Blake Stone
      60 members
      6,880 members
-Rise of The Triad (ROTT)
      105 members
-5 Wolfenstein Groups or Applications
      One even has 7,568 members

Groups On Yahoo For Wolfenstein

-Page of Wolfenstein Groups On Yahoo

Groups On Yahoo, Misc

-Page of Miscellaneous Groups On Yahoo


-Doom Wikia
-Orb of Dilaaria
-Wolfenstein Games

Other Pages of Links

-Diehard Wolfers' List of Sites Page 1, and Page 2
-Diehard Wolfers' Member's Links Page 1, Page 2, and Page 3
-Schabbs' Dead Links Page
-Wolfenstein 3D Dome Links and News

Links Page 2

-Page of Alphabetical Links

Wolfenstein Goodies Supporters

Mention Wolfensteingoodies.com in a list on your page and get listed here:
-Acord Games
-Wolf3D Haven Forum
-Wolfenstein 3D Dome News

Wolfenstein 3D in Consoles and other computers

-The Wolfenstein 3D Mall.