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Groups On Yahoo For Wolfenstein

-Adam's Wolfenstein 3D Club
      135 members
-Castle Wolfenstein - A Club For Any Fan of Wolf3D and SoD!
      65 members
-Diehard Wolfers Archives on Yahoo
      117 members
-James' Coding Club For Wolfenstein 3D
      116 members
-James Ingham's Coding Club For Wolfenstein 3D
      70 members
      48 members
      76 members
-The RTCW and Wolf 3D Fan Club
      121 members
-The TDG Clan Representing RTCW
      55 members
-Wolfenmac - The Mac Wolfenstein Resource!
      199 members
-Wolfenmania Plaza For The Mac version of Wolfenstein 3D
      171 members
-The Wolfenstein Return: Return To Castle Wolfenstein
      132 members
-Wolfenstein 2000
      56 members
-Wolf 3D and Quake Club
      279 members
-Wolf3D Editing Club - The Place For Serious Wolf3D Editing
      33 members
-WO_3d - Wolfenstein 3D Club For Die Hards
      59 members
-Wolfenstein 3D Fan Club - The Wolfenstein Spirit Lives
      657 members
-The Wolfenstein 3D / Spear of Destiny Club
      77 members
-Yet Another Wolf 3D Club
      62 members
-Do a search on Yahoo Groups for Return To Castle Wolfenstein, RTCW, Wolf3D, or Wolfenstein. There are other groups, but I'm only listing the English language ones with 33 or more members.

Groups On Yahoo, Misc

-Capstone Games
      70 members
-Classic FPS
      59 members
-Grail Seekers - A Christian forum for grail topics including Jesus, The Spear of Destiny, and Templars. For Heaven's sakes don't type, "By the ways, There's a Spear of Destiny computer game," because they almost definitely already know that and it's off the subject.
      37 members
-Retro FPS Club
      230 members
-Rise of The Triad - For those who love ROTT
      18 members