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Macintosh and Macintosh Plus Black-and-White Emulation and Reviews

This wouldn't have been possible without Macintosh Garden. Thanks!

To play the games on the 3D games list, you'll need emulators. Mini VMac seems to work well. Download The January 17, 2014 version at Sourceforge.net, a 2009 version for Macintosh at Zophar.net, and a 2009 version for DOS or Windows at Zophar.net. Read emulation guides, and learn to unpack .sit files with Aladdin Expander or Stuffit from download.com.

My Reviews and Memories

As I grew up with a Macintosh and Macintosh Plus (Both black-and-white), in the 80s and 90s and we had a lot of games. I was amazed at the 3D perspective and how the computer could render it. Scarab of Ra was 3D, but with no animation. "Bobsled" from "Winter Games" was a simpler 3D game, but only in 1 window. I think that it's partly why I liked the color and full-screen Wolfenstein 3D animations for the PC at about the same years. I also had another 3D maze game for the Macintosh, but there was no animation, and I can't remember the name for it.

Scarab of Ra

It was 3D before Wolfenstein 3D, but it had no animations. You just walk to the next square by clicking on the arrows. The first level at the pyramid top was 3x3 squares, then 4x4 squares, and so on. My character seemed to die around level 10. The object of the game apparently is to get the staff of Ra, scarab of Ra, another artifact, and exit alive. You could collect lunch boxes (apparently from previous explorers who were killed?), keys to go to the next floor, gold coins, lanterns, lantern oil, charcoal (to draw messages on walls in case your map is ruined), 10-foot poles (to disrupt booby traps?), nets (to trap animals) the staff of Ra, the scarab of Ra, and other items. Heiroglyphs and English messages from previous explorers were on walls. When you threw the scarab of Ra at the walking mummy, it crumbles into dust and blows away. If you run out of oil, your view is darkened. Animals that wake up and attack you include snakes, baboons, and lionesses. I never was able to beat the game in the 1980s, so maybe I had a disabled shareware version? You could starve to death, get attacked to death by animals, die in a booby trap, or have lantern oil from a trap mess up your map. According to Valts here:
"Well, we have some Egyptian mods like Ian Skevos-Jones mod Quest For The Amulet and Sandy's The Portal. Egyptian mods for Doom 2, then Chosen (for Zdoom, Chosen), Osiris (Osiris). If I remember correctly, then Final Doom: Evilution has a super secret level, level 31 Pharaoh (Egyptian level design)
So if you like Egyptian themes, then play those games. There's a Scarab of Ra game guide, thread with a download, emulation guides, download Scarab of Ra at WG, and learn to unpack .sit files with Aladdin Expander or Stuffit from download.com.

Winter Games

"Bobsled" from "Epyx Presents Winter Games By Action Graphics" is the first 3D perspective animated game that I ever remember playing. But only part of it, one window, is 3D. I couldn't find a video of the original Macintosh, but watch at 8:17, 14:23 here, 20:11 here for the Commodore 64 version, 1:32 for Android, 21:37 for 8-bit battles, and 4:56 and 6:29 for The NES at The Angry Video Game Nerd. The other versions don't do justice to the Macintosh version with its smaller pixels, better music, and more challenging biathlon targets in my opinion. It's now freeware with a thread and download or download Winter Games at WG. Edit: It's not as difficult as it looks. There's no fancy garbled controlls like in Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat.

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